Compass Well Servicing Inc.

Compass Well Servicing Inc. – Health & Safety

Compass has placed, and will continue to place, safety education, government regulatory compliance, environmental management and service rig safety, as the highest corporate priorities.  It is our belief that the employer, employee, contractor, sub-contractor and supplier personnel need to work together to reduce accidents and incidents within the industry.  Safety and environmental awareness can be achieved through careful planning and participation among all of these people. 

An integral component of safety is training, and at Compass this is ongoing. Our training addresses not only job-specific safety instruction and preventative equipment maintenance, but also employee orientated training programs. Our objective is to have properly trained staff who will excel at safety excellence as well as customer satisfaction.

Our environmental responsibility extends above and beyond the minimum industry requirements. Compass has been and will continue to promote the efficient use and responsible disposal of rig waste materials as well as operating in an environmentally friendly manner. 

Compass strives for a zero accident workplace. This does not mean that an injury will never occur. Rather, it means that we will try to work as many hours possible without an injury. Working without an injury is an attitude – an attitude that says any injury or incident, even a small one, should never be taken lightly and that any injury is unacceptable. That is the attitude we instill and expect in our employees in order to drive towards a zero injury workplace.  Management follows a principle of “inspect what you expect.” 

Compass is a member in good standing with the Canadian Association of Oilwell Drilling Contractors (CAODC), an active trade association representing drilling and service rig contractors throughout Canada.