Compass Well Servicing Inc.

Compass Well Servicing Inc. – Equipment Innovations

Compass has all new equipment built starting in 2013, first rig deployed to the field in October 2013.  Our rig manufacturer is an API certified builder (Care Industries Ltd.) located in Blackfalds, AB.  All components on the rig were fabricated at Care including the rig and all components including draw works, pump truck, lines and accumulator and all meet or exceed API standards.

  • Compass currently nine free-standing mobile double (“FSMD”) telescoping service rigs and one free-standing mobile single (“FSMS”) service rig.  All rigs are equipped with both class II and class III systems on board and three rigs with 88 gallon accumulators.
  • All FSMD rigs are a tri-steer and tri-drive style and are Period 1 capable allowing us to move our rigs during periods when road bans exist and force other service rig providers to use wheelers driving up the costs. All rigs come highly equipped with full handling equipment up to 3 ½ inch and have the ability to complete on any job at hand (i.e. rig includes low well slips, Type “G” pack off head, rod tongs, and back off tools to name a few).
  • Each rig comes equipped with back up cameras for greater visibility while backing into a well head with a micro phone at the back of the rig built into the camera so the operator has greater control and ability to avoid confusion or mistakes at a critical task.
  • All pumps are all rated to 5000 psi with engineered certified piping and connections. Each component has a certification and all certification can be located at rig level or office.

Our manufacturer, Care Industries, has above industry standard safety systems integrated right into the rig package they build.  Compass rigs not only have the industry necessary safety systems but also include items upgraded such as ram saver and crown saver systems.  All of these items create a safer environment for our field personnel.

  • Due to the style of the free standing rigs we have developed we are one of the first service providers in the industry to deploy the Rig Smart system ( which gives the operator the ability to monitor in real time the wind speed and rig level.
  • Further we have made the decision due to some incidents in the industry to remove the crown saver from the main drum and install the Rig Smart crown saver to the crown making the stopping distance to the crown permanently fixed to a set distance.

We continue to innovate and address industry concerns with our manufacturer.  Working with Care Industries and Compass Well Servicing feedback from sitting on engineering and technical committees of the CAODC, we have developed cold weather rated masts. Compass is the first service rig provider to the field with a -45C rated mast.  Every other competitor service rig and masts are only rated for -25C.  Masts have testing from the steel foundry, charpy testing each piece of steel to -45C, and each piece of steel has a mill sheet and rating to -45C.

Continuing with innovation of our rigs and identifying area for reducing costs on wells, Rig 5, 9 and 10 are free standing mobile doubles offering an engineered removable front end ballast system which gives the rig a top hook load of 220,000lbs .  This is the first of its kind able to reach these levels of hook load and remain a period 1 FSMD.  The mobility of the rig is key in competing with other skidded rigs that are more costly to move on site. 

It is the strategy and goal of Compass to have all the right equipment in the service rig/well service industry to meet our customer’s needs.